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6 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Getting Traffic

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  • 26 September, 2015

I keep hearing people say “My blog is not getting traffic”
or “My blog is not making me sales”

But there are 6 key factors that most people miss, and I’ll share them with you in this video.

Never underestimate the power of your blog videos.
I define a sales funnel as a series of steps that take a lead from not knowing you from a bar of soap to actually buying something from you.
A blog is part of a sales funnel. In fact for me videos (like this one) are my greatest marketing assets.
Every great client I’ve ever had came through one of my sales funnels and watched at least 2 of my video blogs.

Your blog is also a great list builder if you make it easy for them to subscribe.
It’s also great as a way to “massage your list” every week with cool stuff to keep your list warm, when you’re not pitching anything.

I teach people how to structure their blogs as client getters rather than just info givers in my program the BOOM! formula BUT….
you can create the greatest video blog in the world but if you’re not driving people to it then you’re blog is as good as a shop in a desert. No ones going to even know it exists!

If you want to find out more about how I can help you to build a blog that gets you clients then go check out my free video training over at www.boomformula2.com/free

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