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There are many reasons I’m not a fan of money back guarantees and how it can wreck your biz AND why they don’t really benefit your clients at all.

I want my client to get results. I want that for them and in return you automatically have raving fans out there bringing you clients.

When you give them a money back guarantee you are basically giving them an opportunity to back out and not follow through.

I tested a refund policy for a while. I’d not had refund requests before it, then suddenly I was getting people asking for the refund.

Almost every single one of them had not actually logged into the program or done anything towards to the work. They wanted a magic genie to come along and do the work for them.

This left a bad taste in BOTH our mouths. I want them to get results. I want them to do well and get the transformation they want – but they won’t do that without doing the work.

So I took the 30 day guarantee out……

How did taking the guarantee out make a difference to my biz?

It’s not about the money. It’s about encouraging your people to take action towards the results they want.

Since taking it out of my offers not one single person has come back for a refund and the people in the group are more active.

There are not many dormant learners out there.

This makes me very happy!

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Jodz xx
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