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What To Do When Nothing Goes Right [VIDEO]

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  • 30 August, 2016

Everyone has days when everything seems to go wrong. You’ve done all the usual tricks, gratitude, hustle, breath and all that but it’s still a shit sandwich day.

In this video I’ll give you the simple task to move you past the stuckness and back into flow. This video is for you.

It doesn’t matter what level you are playing at, we all get one of those days now and then. It seems nothing will snap us out of the run of bad luck.

Michael Beckwith once said “Sometimes when there is a will there is a wall”. Sometimes trying to hard actually stops us in our tracks.

You can’t find solutions in the same state in which problems were created.

When the shit hits the fan and you hit all the red lights and you kick your toe on the bed… and your internet dies etc… the best thing that you can do is WALK AWAY and TAKE A DAY OFF.

Make your new focus, DOING SOMETHING FUN OR doing nothing at all. Walk away from work, and go be a big kid. Take yourself out to lunch to your favourite restaurant. Take some alone time. Go for a walk, read a book…

Whatever it takes to change your state.

If your stuckness is business related – reach out to a mentor or get fresh eyes on the challenge. Most of the time the solution is sitting right in front of your face, but you are not seeing it.

Step back, walk away and have some fun!!! That is what it should all be about at the end of the day right?

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