LadyBalls Retreat

3 Day Exclusive Retreat

I want you to come and play in this mac daddy mansion for 3 full days. We will UNLOCK your absolute ultimate desires for your life. No holds barred, fear does not exist, BIG ASS DESIRES (in any area of your life) and we’ll smash through ANY bullshit that holds you back.

THEN… we’ll rebuild a BRAND NEW LIFE MASTER PLAN that you’ll be so pumped to get to experience, that you’ll be cranking out your actions before you even leave! (and we will too).

GSD Flow Club

Virtual Accountability Club (Get direct access to Jody)

Now that I’m not doing 1:1 coaching this is the best way to get direct access to me. It’s also the most affordable it’s ever been. I do customized training, accountability throughout the week and I’m there to serve you with whatever you need help with at the time. Check it out:

BOOM! Formula 2.0

Online Program

A 12 week, step-by-step online system teaching you everything you need to create and sell your online program. This can be for complete newbies OR for those who have already been making  money online and have a following. The modules will take you through:

  • Your Identity and Beliefs
  • Lifestyle Design
  • Building Your Tribe
  • Defining Your Program Idea
  • Marketing Your Offer To The World
  • Video Mastery
  • Blogging For Leads
  • Building Your Website(s)
  • Facebook Ad Basics

Create Your Own Online TV Show

Online Program with Weekly Coaching

Learn the exact strategy I used to make $32,000 in 1 day, even when I had no list and no following. You will learn:

  • Get clear on how you want to position yourself
  • Define who you are targeting your brand to
  • Create a 90 day plan to launch you around the globe
  • Make sure all your marketing assets are set up
  • Learn the robust website system to hold your online show
  • Learnt he techniques to get your shows out to your target audience
  • How to create magnetic content that your watchers will love
  • How to dominate in your niche as the known expert
  • How to turn the traffic from your TV show into buying clients

“LadyBalls” The Book (#1 Best Seller)

Live Your Ultimate Lifestyle And Build A Business You Freakin’ Love, Just By Being YOU!

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: Wanting more freedom in your life? Maybe that’s having more time to do the things you love, to no longer be chained to your desk or just the freedom to be 100% your authentic self. This book is to help you break free of the shackles you have placed on yourself in the past, and create a life and business that has you so in love with life, you’ll be that deliriously happy person on Facebook that others start quoting.

I’ll share with you strategies for overcoming self-doubt, how to use fear as a driving force, rather than a roadblock and the business model that supports your most epic, ultimate lifestyle. By sharing my no filter experiences, I hope that you will be inspired and be able to apply what you learn in your own life. It’s about time we all started embracing everything we are, the good and the bad, and start enjoying life on a whole new level. (Plus I made sure the text was super big so it’s easy to read.)

The Tribe with Jody Jelas

Join the Get Shit Done Tribe (FREE Community)

Doing it alone can be hard work. There are so many distractions and the to do list can seem so overwhelming.Being able to brainstorm it out with like-minded people who also want to “get sh!t done” is a great way to be your most productive. Knowing that you’re being reminded to stay focused and held accountable is key to your success. That’s why I have created THE TRIBE! A group of action-taking entrepreneurs just like you who are ready to REALLY hit their goals.