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The "SEAT BELT THEORY" that will snap you out of any funk [VIDEO]

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  • 27 August, 2014

Trapped, Blind, Stuck, Frustrated!?
Where the F**K are all the solutions???

I’m about to tell you what the hell seat belts have to do with making moves in your business and the ONE THING that you can do to free yourself from the crap and really uplevel ya shizzle!

It will clear your mind and solutions will flow to you!


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Jody Jelas is often referred to as “The most transparent and authentic personal brand marketer in the business”. She is the Author of #1 Best Seller “LadyBalls”. Jody is the creator of The BOOM! Formula System. This is where she helps Entrepreneurs create online programs and build fast fame online, to position themselves as a celebrity in their niche, all while being their 100% non-filter selves!

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