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The #1 surprising cause of Self Doubt (and how to solve it)

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  • 8 June, 2016

Self doubt can kick you in the face if you let it. For some people it’s all the time. For big players, no matter what their experience it can still get them now and then.

There is a silent stealth cause of self doubt that is such sneaky little shits that we don’t see it creep in. Oh and there is one other surprise cause too. I’ll share them with you in this video.

You could be tracking along smashing your goals then you get crippled in self doubt feeling like an insecure little kids.

The reasons are not always clear but here are a few things that trip you up without you knowing.

They say if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree he’ll feel like a loser. (the wrote goes something like that).

So it’s important that you are not doing tasks that make you feel like a loser because those feelings can spiral you into a self doubt binge that will hinder you for days, even weeks.

It’s bullshit! Just stick to your genius and delegate or automate what is not your best work.

When this happens you need to apply my strategy of DTICH THAT SHIT!

When you are doing things that are not in your flow you feel useless, then you start thinking… am I even good at what I do?

You ARE good at what you… but you might not be good at a small detail of it, like design or techy shit. DELEGATE THAT SHIT!

Or maybe you are trying to do what all the “guru’s do and the way you deliver it is not in your flow. DITCH THAT SHIT TOO!

Example… if you’re trying to create an online program, but your genius is being on the stage, Fuck the online program,,, focus on your stage teaching, then have someone film it for you and turn it into a program! Easy! Same result – but keeps you in flow.

Theres one other sneaky little thing that kills our confidence too. Taking on clients that are not ideal. If you have needy clients who help so much that it actually enables them to use you as a crutch…

It’s a killer! It makes you think you are shit at what you do. You suddenly forget the 20 people singing your praises because all your energy is sucked into talk the needy client off a ledge every 5 mins.

Do you GREAT clients a favor (and your sanity) and DITCH THAT SHIT TOO!

If you play to your strengths and give yourself credit for what you do well… you will be far more likely to be on the path to success and can get that self doubt shit out of your life for good.

Then all you’ll do is WIN! :)

Jodz x

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