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Money can't buy you happiness? What a crock of absolute B.S.!

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  • 26 January, 2012

Do you know what this is a photo of?

It’s a perfectly healthy wee man who just happens to have a noisy heart,  peeling of the ECG stickers after his tests.

Have not mentioned my crappy couple of weeks to many, especially not on Facebook. I didn’t want to give is focus, (or start a Facebook pity party). But now Joey has the all clear from a heart specialist and I can breath again.

When things seem to be going awesomely, as they have lately, the law of polarity likes to make himself known just to give us contrast.

Great things look even greater next to a pile of shit right? :) Without a few negatives in there we may not see just how fantastic life is.

On top of this…. Poppa is coming home from hospital tomorrow too…. finally after 2 weeks.

*sigh of relief*

Here is the biggest take-aways I got from all this:


Whatever we experience repeatedly very quickly becomes our NEW NORMAL. That includes really bad stuff and really great stuff.

We need a great big slap in the face sometimes to step back and look at ourselves and our lives. This slap, after weeks of great things happening, was just to remind me the importance of family and health.

Most importantly to express gratitude to the ones we care about the most. ESPECIALLY among  the day to day rush of life which sometimes consume us.


Specialist Doctors are a great example of NICHING and the importance of sharing your knowledge with people who need it.

Joey was referred to a Heart Specialist who worked only with kids.

Now that is so niched that I knew he’d know what he’s doing, feel confident he was the best AND I was happy to pay him exorbitant amounts of money. He was one of the most expensive too so that made me assume he was the best choice.

This was obviously important to me and took a huge weight off my shoulders.

That is how we should think about our knowledge.

Everyone knows something that is invaluable to someone. That someone is happy to pay you hugely for it if it will impact their life in a big way and relieve them of a fear or stress.


Money can’t by you LOVE! (Thank you Beatles) but… it can buy you private hospital rooms where you’re not surrounded by sick and dying people, the best doctors for whatever your need might be.

And it can also buy you a wardrobe of confidence that makes you strut… if you know where to shop 😉

Thanks universe. I got the message! Now back to Awesomeness!

I tell ya… what an amazing burst of energy I have right now… Feel like doin a flip!

Right… I’m going to roll around the back yard with my children and tell them I love them. :)

P.S. OH and… Get medical insurance!

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