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The End Of The Long Copy vs Short Copy Debate

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  • 16 August, 2016

Long copy apparently gets you more sales than short copy. I call this bullshit!

I’ll share why and how it affects your sales in this video.

In my 17 years of marketing I’ve gone back and forth on this one. I remember my first ever business coach saying to me… long copy will always win. Then he sent me to a website that explained why long copy wins. I argued it to the end… and at the end it said “If you are still reading this then long copy wins because you just scrolled 3 pages”.

I thought he had me but… he had done the PRE-WORK to get me into a state where I would read that copy. So on getting to the long copy page… I was prepared to read to fight my point. I lost that one but here is the key lesson….

the PRE-WORK….

You see if someone has a list and they are used to you sending long copy, then that’s what they expect from you.

Where as I am known for my free videos in my blog that are short sharp and to the point. I’m not a fluffy person, so writing long copy to me is like pulling teeth.

Even writing emails… I stare at a blank screen for 10 minutes then do the walk to the fridge to see what there is to eat strategy. ANYTHING to avoid me having to write long copy.

But when I checked on my stats it became clear. My shorter stuff had a better sales conversion. WHY? Because that’s what MY audience expects from ME.

If I do short sharp videos and they follow me for that… then suddenly I try to force them to read a long ass sales letter…. then I’m breaking the buying process for THAT particular audience.

This KEY realization I made lately is just like estimating the value of a house. The value can say one price, the estate agent can say another… but at the end of the day “a house’ value is what someone will pay for it”…

The same for…

“The buying habits of your audience are whatever YOUR stats say the buying habits are”… the numbers don’t lie.

For example, Eileen Dover might not have the same stats. Her pattern might be that she writes long copy, therefore her sales page will no doubt convert at a higher rate than short copy.

There are many variations when it comes to the funnel process.

The relationship building process of converting cold traffic into paying clients. Knowing your numbers and what converts for YOU (not what every guru tells you) is what matters.

My list know me for my non fluff. They respond better to that. It’s statistically proven.

PRE-WORK for my audience… is my videos. Again… stats prove it. They decide from my social media posts and my blog videos or Facebook videos if they think I can help them or not.

So my sales pages… just need to show what they get and that other people are getting results. That’s it.

My YouTube stats show a high audience retention rate too. That means most people are watching these videos to the end.

So if you’re still watching this video – that means…. you’re one of my tribe. So welcome to the family! :)

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