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It breaks my heart so I gotta get this out [LIVE RANT]

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It breaks my heart what I keep hearing and I gotta be brutal and just say it! You were given many gifts. The gift of experiencing joy for one! It’s your…


Are your blocks a Ceiling or an Anchor? [LIVE VIDEO]

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We all have your shit that holds us back. It doesn’t matter how successful we are, there are blocks to break through or dissolve. I believe there are 2 kinds…


#1 Self Therapy Strategy To Avoid Overwhelm [VIDEO]

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One of my Facebook followers asked “How do I stop taking on too much to the point of exhaustion and no results?”. We all can get into the habit of…


6 Outside The Box Blog Content Ideas [VIDEO]

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There is no doubt that video blogging is an excellent way to build your global brand. We are all starting to see the same kind of content topics pop up…


2 Questions To Stop You Beating Yourself Up [VIDEO]

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Most Entrepreneurs are overachievers and we have a tendency to beat ourselves up. We might achieve great things but we’re so busy focusing on hitting that NEXT big goal that…

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What To Do When Nothing Goes Right [VIDEO]

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Everyone has days when everything seems to go wrong. You’ve done all the usual tricks, gratitude, hustle, breath and all that but it’s still a shit sandwich day. In this…

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The ONE Time You SHOULD Fake It Til You Make It [VIDEO]

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In this video I’ll be telling you about the ONE time you absolutely SHOULD fake it til ya make it. Faking confidence got me to where I am today. It’s…

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The End Of The Long Copy vs Short Copy Debate

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Long copy apparently gets you more sales than short copy. I call this bullshit! I’ll share why and how it affects your sales in this video. In my 17 years…

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5 Apps To Run Your Biz From Your Phone [VIDEO]

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Want the laptop lifestyle so you can work from anywhere? How about the phone biz so you don’t even have to carry around that giant laptop These 5 apps help…

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How to keep landing clients from your video for years [VIDEO]

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You invest all that time to create a cool video. You add a call to action, like promoting an event… BUT… Then… the video is out of date and you…


Why I Don’t Do Money Back Guarantees [VIDEO]

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There are many reasons I’m not a fan of money back guarantees and how it can wreck your biz AND why they don’t really benefit your clients at all. I…


5 Questions For Creating Powerful Titles [VIDEO]

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To slap people in the face with an amazing title you need to really hit the pain and get them curious! This can be the difference between you getting an…


The #1 surprising cause of Self Doubt (and how to solve it)

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Self doubt can kick you in the face if you let it. For some people it’s all the time. For big players, no matter what their experience it can still…


4 Powerful Testimonial Questions

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Boring testimonials can do more damage to your biz than good. I’m about to share the simple 4 questions that will get you kick ass testimonials that will bring you…


Top 3 Killer Email Marketing Tactics That Most Guru’s Wont Tell You

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I’ve had the privilege of learning from some of the best in the world but today when I was doing some research on my own email marketing stats and something…


5 Keys To Hiring The Right Team

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Some jobs we do make us want to poke our eyes out with a fork. Don’t you just wish you could fob that job off to someone else while you…


How To Go Global Overnight

| Breakthrough, Client Attraction, Inspiration, Marketing, Money Mindset, Online Business, Productivity, Women in business | No Comments

Going global basically means getting yourself followers and clients all over the world. People see getting global as this big wall to break through. “I want to break into the…


How to get started on Facebook LIVE

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Due to popular demand I whipped up this little chestnut for you. How to start AND when it will be available for all. With nearly 400 views in just 5…

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How To Get Everything You Want From The Universe [PARODY]

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We all know the power of asking the universe for our greatest (and smallest) desires. This video is how the convo would go if you could just call up and…


Why I Quit My Fight & Why You Should Be A “Quitter” Too

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This video is very personal and emotional for me. It’s not scripted. It’s straight from the heart. This year I committed to my first kickboxing fight. I was 100% all…


The Torturous Life Of The Born Entrepreneur (from birth to biz)

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You’re born. You have greatness within you, no filter and no fears. You already have a certain DNA ingrained in you that is your genius! Life’s simple! You get older…


Making Video With Your Cellphone VS Fancy Equipment [VIDEO]

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One of the biggest things holding people back from creating video it the right gear. I did my entire first launch and the whole program all with my iphone. In…


2 Times You Should NOT Coach or Do Online Programs

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My public “I quit coaching” notice caused a flood of supportive wonderful messages from clients and followers. I was shocked to say the least. But what shocked me more was…


How To Not Let Haters Kill Your Mojo

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WARNING – some of this video if BRUTAL and reveal actual comments from some pretty special people. Haters. They put a fear in entrepreneurs and stop them getting their genius…


6 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Getting Traffic

| Blogging, Client Attraction, Free Tools, Marketing, Video, Women in business | No Comments

I keep hearing people say “My blog is not getting traffic” or “My blog is not making me sales” But there are 6 key factors that most people miss, and…

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The Poverty Vs Abundance Mindset MindF*&%

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Learn my 6 Ways to ditch the POVERTY MINDSET and live with ABUNDANCE every day without sending yourself broke on the way. The age old argument…. Live As If You’ve…


Why you SHOULD pull back on your goals [VIDEO]

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This is something you never would have heard come out of my mouth before…. and I’ll share a personal story from the last few weeks that explain why I’m saying…


3 Simple Program Ideas You Can Copy Right now [VIDEO]

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Even when you know that you need to create an online or leveraged offer, you can’t always imagine what that would look like. In this video I share with you…


How to convert fence sitters into buyers (Hint: They tell you how!) [VIDEO]

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People who are sitting on the fence about buying your products or services are handing you a huge sales opportunity on a silver platter. In this video I’ll show you…


3 Ways To Get More Done – For The Lazy And Easily Distracted [VIDEO]

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People think that because I’ve been in business since I was 21 (thats 17 years) that I must be super disciplined. But SURPRISE….. I’m lazy as all hell. The words…


Why Funnels Fail & How To Open The Floodgates Of Leads [VIDEO]

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I hate be the bearer of bad news BUT… most sales funnels fail. But don’t get depressed yet. In this video I’m going to explain why and you can open…

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5 Steps To Turn Your Freak Out Into A Positive Drivin Force [VIDEO]

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Last night I had a moment…. A couple of small things triggered me. There was envy, fear, resentment, and a pull for me to run for the hills to avoid…


What I actually do and why I do it

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One viewer asked: What exactly do you do and why do you do it? Thanks for asking Christina. I answer it in this video. I’ve also created a free video…


3 Ways 50 Shades of Grey Can Improve Your Life & Business (& it’s not the marketing)

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[VIDEO] I never read the 50 shades of grey books. But this week I saw the movie. I could see how it all related to our daily lives, beliefs and…


Balls, Your Glass Ceiling And How To TRULY Start Playing At 100% [VIDEO]

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  I’m going to share with you my own life long struggle that I only just recently broke through after playing at 60% all my life and what I did…

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The "SEAT BELT THEORY" that will snap you out of any funk [VIDEO]

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Trapped, Blind, Stuck, Frustrated!? Where the F**K are all the solutions??? I’m about to tell you what the hell seat belts have to do with making moves in your business…

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Don’t Put Your Dreams On Hold

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Post by Jody Jelas. I often hear people say “I will do this when _____”. OR “That is what I’m launching 6 months from now”. Think of the people you…


Copying Someone Elses Sh*t Screams One Thing! [VIDEO]

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Have you every had someone completely rip your stuff off? OR have you found yourself struggling to find your own voice because you LOVE what someone else is doing and…


3 Low Hanging Fruit Strategies WITHOUT Complicated Funnels [VIDEO]

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Funnels, optins, sales page, strategy calls, metrics, conversion rates, engagement…. It’s no wonder most people get so overwhelmed with all the techy crap and online strategy stuff. Now even though…


#1 Exercise To Erase The BS Stopping You Smashing Your Goals [VIDEO]

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Whether we admit it or not us humans, we loooooove us some drama. We can take the tiniest little things and turn them into a snowball of crazy over night….


Why Your "Non-Biz" Product Is MORE Valuable Than A Biz Product [VIDEO]

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Thinking that because your service is not something that creates profits then it’s a harder service to sell? Na ah buddy! Not true! Maybe you’re in Personal development, health, fitness…


How to create a Tsunami of Leads and Momentum [VIDEO]

| Blogging, Lead Generation, Sales Funnel | No Comments

This video reveals my formula for momentum (especially with blogging) so you can have everything FLOOOOOWWWWW and go EXACTLY how you want and ditch those days where everythings just one giant…


How To Smash Your Money Blocks And Charge Higher Prices

| Product Creation | No Comments

Scared that if you raise your prices no one will buy your shit? Don’t worry – thats just your self doubt and resistance messing with your head. It s a…

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Who has been my best mentor and why

| Free Tools, Inspiration, Personal Message, Video | No Comments

One viewer asked: Who has been my best mentor in my life and business and why? I answer it in this video. I’ve also created a free video training with…


How To Have Ideal Clients Fall In Your Lap Instead Of Desperately Seeking Them

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Why haven’t they clicked BUY yet? I talked to them. Maybe I did something wrong? Maybe I should give them a call? or email them? Or show up to their…


3 Ways To Get 60% More Done In A Day

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Do you find it hard to nail a task because of your lack of focus on getting overwhelmed? Me too. I’m a VERY easily distracted person. It doesn’t take much…

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How much to spend on Facebook Ads when starting out

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One view asked how much she should spend on Facebook ads per day when you are first starting out. I answer it in this video. I’ve also created a free…

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How to make it as a single mum building a business on a shoestring budget?

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How to make it as a single mum building a business on a shoestring budget? Glad you asked Natalie. I answer it in this video. I’ve also created a free…


2 Tricks To Avoid Toxic Clients and Only Attract Ideal Ones

| Client Attraction, Marketing | No Comments

Toxic clients. Those aweful ones that sneak past the qualifying process and ruin your life. In this video I’m going to show you how to work out your ideal client…

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The easiest way to create steady income in your business

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One viewer asked: What is the easiest way to create steady income into my business? I answer it in this video. I’ve also created a free video training with a…


How A Random Yoga Move Got Me Through A REALLY Shitty Time

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Bored? Lost Mojo? Shit totally hit the fan?
STRAIGHT UP TRUTH…. I’ve been struggling a bit lately.
I have a rule that I don’t share the SHIT stuff on Facebook until I have got past it and can share the strategy as a learning to others.
Lately… I’ve been slack in my fitness, my health has taken a massive hit, as have my relationships and I’ve been paralysed mentally and pretty much other than my kids and my business…. it’s been a bit f%$ked! :)
Then I applied this strategy and suddenly… I was totally focused and felt great! It was like I was drunk off my vision I have for my future and in THAT moment, nothing could break me.
Check out how I get through the tough times and how you can apply it to your own life!

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My biggest BREAKTHROUGH point in my business

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One viewer asked: What was the biggest breakthrough point in your business? Glad you asked Natalie. I answer it in this video. I’ve also created a free video training with…

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4 ways to snap yourself out of overwhelm and into action

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Today I hid myself in the bathroom for 15 minutes to hide from my kids. I faked a toilet stop to catch my breath so my head wouldn’t explode! I’m…

The 3 Point Checklist Of A Well Oiled Sales Machine [VIDEO]

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Sometimes when we set up a sales funnel in our business we want to get sales immediately. The sales funnel that has always worked for me is actually pretty simple…

How to get fast and quality results from this cheap outsourcing tool

| Automation, Outsourcing | No Comments

In this video I share the 3 tricks to getting the best results from your contractors and for the least amount of money, in the fastest time! Nothing drives me…

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter… [VIDEO]

| Inspiration | No Comments

WOW! I don’t usually post other peoples videos on my blog but this blew me away! Video above. Words below. Inspiring!!! I love this women. I want us to be…

Simple trick to a portable white video backdrops on ANY wall

| Video | No Comments

So you want the white video backdrop but you don’t even have a plain wall in your house that is even close to white? No problem! This video shows you…

5 Pre-Filming Checks to Avoid All The Stuff Ups

| Video | No Comments

So many people do a big video session and loads of things go horribly wrong. It gets you out of flow and puts you in a bad mood. Not a…

Using Facebook Groups to Add Value to your program (while still keeping boundaries) [VIDEO]

| Automation, Product Creation, Social Media, Technology | No Comments

Facebook Groups is a great way to offer support and grow your community online. Sometimes though, that can mean people expect you to be there answering questions 24/7 so it’s…

How To Come Up With Hot Blog Content Ideas EVERYTIME [VIDEO]

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I have a super power: I see a blog post in EVERYTHING! But… it wasn’t always that way. I had to train myself until it became a new habit. You…

#1 Strategy For Riding Out The Highs and Lows [VIDEO]

| Breakthrough, Inspiration, Personal Message, Productivity, Women in business | No Comments

Everything’s going swimmingly… you’re in the vibe… you’re on a roll… Then smack! You get smashed in the face with an emotion brick and you’re world comes crumbling down. We…

How This Business-Killing Plague Is Effecting You! [VIDEO]

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This deadly business-killing virus is plaguing entrepreneurs every day. It’s thriving and mutating in procrastinators and people looking for excuses to not move forward. No need to lock yourself away….

SUCKED IN to the Entrepreneur Vortex? [VIDEO]

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Sometimes us entrepreneurs get sucked in to the work from home vortex and we go days without human contact! This can majorly stunt our creativity. We get carried away doing…

6 Tricks To Get Great Energy On Camera [VIDEO]

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The camera seems to have a way of stripping us of our personality and make us seem like boring biege people. My first videos were awful! It’s not easy talking…

Have you fallen victim to "The Rhino Effect" lately?

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We all are so ADD/Bipolar/Shiny Object driven entrepreneurs that we lack the engagement with our audience. That’s why I designed… THE RHINO THEORY! Even the MOST focused of us all…

How to get a white video background even from a dirty cream wall [VIDEO]

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I’ve spent a small fortune and many months of frustration trying to get the lighting and everything right so I could have a bright white background.

Once I nailed it I could take a crappy dirty cream wall (like the one in my garage I film these videos from) and make it bright white.

This video shares the set up for vibrant white walls, what lights to use, where to search, how much, and I even show you a close up of how crappy my wall is behind me :)

I’d love it if you share this with the planet on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… whatever your social media addiction :)

What I Learned From My Breakup That Helps Me WIN In Business and Life [VIDEO]

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[leadplayer_vid id=”5144F9A19131D”] WARNING: This ones VERY personal! Have you hit a mental roadblock in your life? Sometimes it maybe you’ve lost your creative juices for a moment or just lost…

This is your WAKE UP slap to break through to your next level [VIDEO]

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When you know you REALLY want to take your business to the next level BUT you’re stuck…. maybe you just need a kick up the butt? If you’re sick of…

Create your own video intro for free in under 7 minutes [VIDEO]

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Want to add a professional video intro to your videos so you’re a little more Oprah? This How To will show you how you can easily do it yourself for…

#1 Trick To KILL Self Doubt [VIDEO]

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The voice of Self doubt. This video will show you a little trick I use myself… a trick to banish self doubt forever! What if I fail? What if no…

Boobs, Heels & Branding: Why you MUST be yourself [VIDEO]

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I’ve been dying to do this blog post for a long long time. It’s something I get VERY passionate about. I feel a fire in belly just thinking about it…

5 Tricks To Massive Blog Post Traffic [VIDEO]

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2012 saw a huge increase in my blog traffic. In the last 6 months there was an average of a 36% increase in people watching my weekly videos. The last…

My personal weight loss "tricks" including photos [VIDEO]

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12 kilo weight loss, 2 dress sizes, 3 bra sizes, 6% body fat… In this video I share with you my journey (including photos) and the missing key that was…

How Solitaire can show us a 100% business success rate! [VIDEO]

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I believe business success simply comes down to math! Every night before bed I play solitaire to detach from my day, ready to start a fresh one. In this video…

Commit to your goals or die? [VIDEO]

| Inspiration | No Comments

Kinda harsh right? But what if it was real? What if what you really wanted in life you HAD to achieve or else… you fall off a cliff face? In…

The 5 Most Important Components for a Sale-Getting Website [VIDEO]

| Web Design | No Comments

I recorded this a while back and it’s still totally relevant. In fact it’s been relevant for decades! It’s easy to whip up a website these days, but most people…

Facebook Expert shares secret ad strategy most entrepreneurs don't know [VIDEO]

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Thanks to Victoria’s gangster facebook skills, 60% of my leads are a result of her magic. In this video she is going to share a key strategy that most people…

4 tricks to getting the HOTTEST professional photos for your brand [VIDEO]

| Branding | No Comments

When it comes to getting photos for your brand, graphic designers and web designers are always getting photos that are hard to work with. They want to create something unique…

3 Ways to SMASH Through Your Comfort Zone [VIDEO]

| Inspiration | No Comments

This week I want to share with you some personal breakthroughs I’ve had lately. It seems more evident than ever right now that there are people who lead exceptional lives….

Set Up Your Instant Video Studio for under $10 [VIDEO]

| Video | No Comments

Need to set up a studio fast without having to buy all the equipment? Here is the quick solution… Now obviously you’ll get the better quality video buy getting the…

#1 Secret Weapon to finding out if people like your videos [VIDEO]

| Video | No Comments

Video, as you probably know) is super powerful. I checke my stats just for the last 6 videos and my viewers have increased by 36% on average every week. I’m…

How to use a teleprompter and cut video editing time in half [VIDEO]

| Video | No Comments

I have cut down so much time in videoing by scripting my videos and using a teleprompter on my iPad. It means I get my message across more clearly, can…

Your 2 Minute Branding Self Check (with THE Michael Jackson) [Video]

| Branding | No Comments

The only time when cyber stalking IS cool….. is when you’re doing this 2 minute self assessment of your own brand online. Google is out there checking you out all…

3 tricks to stop Procrastinating (and I eat a hat) [VIDEO]

| Productivity | One Comment

Show me a person who doesn’t procrastinate… and I will eat my hat! OK so there might be few who don’t procrastinate…. but they are the ones out there kicking…

My 3 Dodgy Little Video Secrets [Video]

| Video | No Comments

Sometimes the dodgy option works the best! I’ll share the 3 crazy little things with you in this video that I use to produce videos just like the one you are…

3 Steps to Winning Like a Business Champion [Video]

| Inspiration | No Comments

I’m so inspired by the Olympics right now…. I just want to get off my butt and go that extra mile to nail what I’m working on. It got me…

Work out your most valuable and profitable knowledge [Video]

| Product Creation | No Comments

You have valuable knowledge. It may seem easy to you but to others… it’s EXACTLY what they’re looking for. Somewhere in your head is valuable advice that people are waiting to pay…

4 Steps to Get More Time in Your Day [Video]

| Time Management | No Comments

How many times do you hear people say… “I need more hours in the day”. Do you say it yourself a lot? It’s so easy to get tangled up and…

How to turn your eBook into a $400 product [VIDEO]

| Product Creation | No Comments

You got that old eBook you wrote 1000 years ago and it used to get you optins but now it’s just taking up space! Well… you can recycle! Not in…

How to create a unique brand that you are totally in love with

| Branding | No Comments

Lady Gaga has truly NAILED her branding plan! Every move she makes, everything she wears, says…. all are part of her well thought-our brand and in line with you she…

How to eliminate "tyre kickers" and cut consult calls in half! [Video]

| Automation | No Comments

I spent years going out to face to face meeting with “potential” clients that turned out to be complete tyre kickers! So I started doing this one thing I cut my…

How increasing your prices will make you LOVE your business more

| Product Creation | No Comments

When it comes to pricing products and programs or even just increasing them, most people get all freaked out. They worry they will lose clients or that everyone will sto…

3 Facebook Strategies for NEW Timeline for Pages

| Marketing, Social Media | No Comments

Facebook Timelines are compulsory on Fan Pages from March 2012. People freak out at change but this is a good thing! Here are 3 strategies you can apply with the…

The How To Get Anything You Want Mindset – James Rick interviews Jody Jelas

| Inspiration, Personal Message | No Comments

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by James Rick on his Full Potential show. Here I share my strategies for having a kick ass life and business! Some people…

Money can't buy you happiness? What a crock of absolute B.S.!

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Do you know what this is a photo of? It’s a perfectly healthy wee man who just happens to have a noisy heart,  peeling of the ECG stickers after his…

The COOLEST iPhone 4/4s Accessory EVER – Tripod mount

| Technology, Video | No Comments

Ok so you have the awesome iPhone with the hot camera and App that makes it similar to a DSLR camera… BUT… how the heck can you attach it to…

My personal highlights of 2011

| Personal Message | No Comments

Just wanted to share my personal highlights with you and what I’m taking away from 2011. This has by far been the best year of my life and I’m so…

Frank Kern Interview – His plans for 2012 [VIDEO]

| Marketing | No Comments

The wonderful Pam Brossman recently interviewed Frank Kern about his strategies for 2012, for her Social Media Women Magazine. I had the pleasure of sharing a vino with Pam at…

The hands down #1 way to stop spam comments in wordpress [VIDEO]

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How sick are you of all the crappy spam emails that you are bombarded with in your WordPress site? This plugin is hands down the BEST spam protection on the…