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Some jobs we do make us want to poke our eyes out with a fork.

Don’t you just wish you could fob that job off to someone else while you just sleep?

But you need to make sure they are the right people and you can trust them.

We’ll I’ll show you how in this video.

I’ve been in my own business since I was 21 – thats 17 years. I’ve done my fair share of jobs that make me tense up and want to quit.
I had a web design company for 14 years. I’m really good at it but I have to build another website ever again I might die.

Knowing that we can’t do everything (even though we try) I learned to delegate as much as possible.

I like to Use a website like onlinejobs.ph – thats a site in the Philippines that has a large pool of contractors that you can use as much or little as you like.
You can also use elance.com (which is now called Upwork) or 99designs for design work.

but… Running a team can feel like a job in itself so it’s important to follow these 5 steps.

1 – Think long term. You may have to put in a bit of ground work to find the RIGHT person… but once you do those jobs you hate doing yourself… you may never have to do them again and it will feel like the weight of the world is off your shoulders.

2- GIve them a small test job. they can say they are the best at what they do until the cows come home but until they prove it. it’s just talk. The ones who are proactive enough to do a quick test job prove themselves just by giving it a go. And of course you get to see their skills.

3 – Be ok with kissing a few frogs. Maybe you hire someone who seemed the best and they don’t show up on time or they are great at what they do but have poor time management. you may need to test drive a few for a while before you find the one that will be a long term asset in your business.

4 – Be ok with paying more – when you do find a good person, offer them an enticing monthly fee to only work for you. Most contractors are juggling clients but if you are their one and only then they can jump on for those last minute jobs you come up with at 3am :) If you choose constructors from countries like the Philippines then their wage is so low that even doubling it will me buggar all dollars for you but mean a lifestyle upgrade for them.

5 – Cover your ass on price – some try to test you out. They’ll agree an hourly rate then take a day on a job that shouldn’t been 5 mins. (slight exaggeration) but you get the point. When they offer you a price screenshot what is a greed and get very clear on hours. This is again where the test job helps. If you can get a flat rate for the first month trial then agree after that 30 days – you will have a clear picture of their skills and turn around time.

This comes down to great communication. you are the leader so make sure you take the hiring by the horns and stay the boss. Be sure YOu are communicating clearly and not expecting them to read your mind.

If you are like me and suck at articulating what is in your head… then hire just ONE person… someone who is good at recruiting and training up a good team for you. That was the best thing I ever did :)

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