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3 Ways To Get More Done – For The Lazy And Easily Distracted [VIDEO]

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  • 19 June, 2015

People think that because I’ve been in business since I was 21 (thats 17 years) that I must be super disciplined.

But SURPRISE….. I’m lazy as all hell. The words “I can’t be assed” are repeated fairly often in my world.

But guess what… its actually a driver for me and I’m going to share why in this video.

Shiny object syndrome. ADD. Easily distracted. It’s almost a pre-requisit being an entrepreneur. You gotta have that little bit of crazy in you to do what we do – no matter what level you’re at.

After all… the successful ones don’t follow sheep. You’re the one that doesn’t do normal. You cut your own path. and thats exciting!

But it can also mean that at times it hard to stay focused. It’s not that you’re not following your purpose. You can be doing what you truly love and still get thrown off the goal path.

The fact that I AM so easily distracted, meant the first few years in business for me meant I spent more time trying to do Anything BUT work.

So to be able to actually stay in business I had to devise some cool strategies that would force me to stay on track and actually get shit done.

Watch the video to hear what they are.

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Jodz x

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