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What To Do When Nothing Goes Right [VIDEO]

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Everyone has days when everything seems to go wrong. You’ve done all the usual tricks, gratitude, hustle, breath and all that but it’s still a shit sandwich day. In this…

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The ONE Time You SHOULD Fake It Til You Make It [VIDEO]

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In this video I’ll be telling you about the ONE time you absolutely SHOULD fake it til ya make it. Faking confidence got me to where I am today. It’s…

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The End Of The Long Copy vs Short Copy Debate

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Long copy apparently gets you more sales than short copy. I call this bullshit! I’ll share why and how it affects your sales in this video. In my 17 years…

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5 Apps To Run Your Biz From Your Phone [VIDEO]

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Want the laptop lifestyle so you can work from anywhere? How about the phone biz so you don’t even have to carry around that giant laptop These 5 apps help…

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How to keep landing clients from your video for years [VIDEO]

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You invest all that time to create a cool video. You add a call to action, like promoting an event… BUT… Then… the video is out of date and you…


Why I Don’t Do Money Back Guarantees [VIDEO]

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There are many reasons I’m not a fan of money back guarantees and how it can wreck your biz AND why they don’t really benefit your clients at all. I…


5 Questions For Creating Powerful Titles [VIDEO]

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To slap people in the face with an amazing title you need to really hit the pain and get them curious! This can be the difference between you getting an…


The #1 surprising cause of Self Doubt (and how to solve it)

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Self doubt can kick you in the face if you let it. For some people it’s all the time. For big players, no matter what their experience it can still…


4 Powerful Testimonial Questions

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Boring testimonials can do more damage to your biz than good. I’m about to share the simple 4 questions that will get you kick ass testimonials that will bring you…


Top 3 Killer Email Marketing Tactics That Most Guru’s Wont Tell You

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I’ve had the privilege of learning from some of the best in the world but today when I was doing some research on my own email marketing stats and something…


5 Keys To Hiring The Right Team

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Some jobs we do make us want to poke our eyes out with a fork. Don’t you just wish you could fob that job off to someone else while you…


How To Go Global Overnight

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Going global basically means getting yourself followers and clients all over the world. People see getting global as this big wall to break through. “I want to break into the…


How to get started on Facebook LIVE

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Due to popular demand I whipped up this little chestnut for you. How to start AND when it will be available for all. With nearly 400 views in just 5…

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How To Get Everything You Want From The Universe [PARODY]

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We all know the power of asking the universe for our greatest (and smallest) desires. This video is how the convo would go if you could just call up and…


Why I Quit My Fight & Why You Should Be A “Quitter” Too

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This video is very personal and emotional for me. It’s not scripted. It’s straight from the heart. This year I committed to my first kickboxing fight. I was 100% all…