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3 Simple Program Ideas You Can Copy Right now [VIDEO]

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Even when you know that you need to create an online or leveraged offer, you can’t always imagine what that would look like. In this video I share with you…


How to convert fence sitters into buyers (Hint: They tell you how!) [VIDEO]

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People who are sitting on the fence about buying your products or services are handing you a huge sales opportunity on a silver platter. In this video I’ll show you…


3 Ways To Get More Done – For The Lazy And Easily Distracted [VIDEO]

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People think that because I’ve been in business since I was 21 (thats 17 years) that I must be super disciplined. But SURPRISE….. I’m lazy as all hell. The words…


Why Funnels Fail & How To Open The Floodgates Of Leads [VIDEO]

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I hate be the bearer of bad news BUT… most sales funnels fail. But don’t get depressed yet. In this video I’m going to explain why and you can open…

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5 Steps To Turn Your Freak Out Into A Positive Drivin Force [VIDEO]

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Last night I had a moment…. A couple of small things triggered me. There was envy, fear, resentment, and a pull for me to run for the hills to avoid…


What I actually do and why I do it

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One viewer asked: What exactly do you do and why do you do it? Thanks for asking Christina. I answer it in this video. I’ve also created a free video…


3 Ways 50 Shades of Grey Can Improve Your Life & Business (& it’s not the marketing)

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[VIDEO] I never read the 50 shades of grey books. But this week I saw the movie. I could see how it all related to our daily lives, beliefs and…


Balls, Your Glass Ceiling And How To TRULY Start Playing At 100% [VIDEO]

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  I’m going to share with you my own life long struggle that I only just recently broke through after playing at 60% all my life and what I did…

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The "SEAT BELT THEORY" that will snap you out of any funk [VIDEO]

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Trapped, Blind, Stuck, Frustrated!? Where the F**K are all the solutions??? I’m about to tell you what the hell seat belts have to do with making moves in your business…

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Don’t Put Your Dreams On Hold

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Post by Jody Jelas. I often hear people say “I will do this when _____”. OR “That is what I’m launching 6 months from now”. Think of the people you…


Copying Someone Elses Sh*t Screams One Thing! [VIDEO]

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Have you every had someone completely rip your stuff off? OR have you found yourself struggling to find your own voice because you LOVE what someone else is doing and…


3 Low Hanging Fruit Strategies WITHOUT Complicated Funnels [VIDEO]

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Funnels, optins, sales page, strategy calls, metrics, conversion rates, engagement…. It’s no wonder most people get so overwhelmed with all the techy crap and online strategy stuff. Now even though…